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Application Testing


Testing automation tools can help testers and developers easily manage, run and analyze automated GUI and functional tests across multiple devices, platforms and environments - enabling you to improve software quality, reduce cost and increase speed of delivery.

To ensure successful test automation implementation across all platforms, APJ offers the best and most competitive commercial software testing solutions, customized to your needs. APJ has a dedicated team of software testing automation engineers as well as our own testing automation integration platform (ATP) to minimise time and cost of software testing projects.

Our testing automation integration platform (ATP) brings together the power of industry-standard tools, custom drivers and connectors, automation best practices, and clear, useful reporting. Our solution is highly flexible and easy to maintain. We standardise on an EXCEL interface, meaning we can add or remove modules and test data to automatically test any application or API, whether desktop or mobile.

APJ has a long and successful track record in automation testing. We can assist your project at any stage, from setting up automating regression runs to designing new test cases & executing automated test scripts for immediate results. We ensure the quality & effectiveness of the whole process.

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