Celebrating a Milestone in Cross-Border Tech Innovation! πŸŽ‰

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the “2023 Hong Kong-Zhuhai Software Industry Technology Deep Cooperation Exchange Event” on November 20th in Hong Kong. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Computer Society and the Zhuhai Software Industry Association (η ζ΅·εΈ‚θ»Ÿδ»Άθ‘Œζ₯­ε”ζœƒ), and under the guidance of the Zhuhai Science and Technology Association (η ζ΅·εΈ‚η§‘ε­ΈζŠ€θ‘“ε”ζœƒ), APJ proudly co-hosted this remarkable event. It has paved the way for significant advancements in the exchange and collaboration between the vibrant software industries of Hong Kong and Zhuhai.

We had the incredible opportunity to visit major Tech Hubs like the Hong Kong Science Park, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Innovation Lab, and the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. Engaging in-depth discussions were conducted on how companies from both regions can innovate and collaborate in fields including biomedicine, smart finance, and smart healthcare.

The exchange positively contributed to promoting IT technology cooperation between Hong Kong and Zhuhai, deepening mutual understanding between enterprises, and helping businesses explore the Hong Kong market.

We’re excited about the opportunities this collaboration brings and look forward to a future filled with innovation and growth in the Greater Bay Area! πŸš€


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