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Project Manager/Scrum Master

Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Responsible for designing user behavior and product information structure to ensure product availability;
Responsible for the planning and conception of Internet products, summarizing user goals and user tasks;
Participate in user research and optimize the design plan based on the results of user research;
Responsible for proposing improvement plans for the usability testing and evaluation of existing products, and continuously optimizing the user experience of the products;
Participate in the professional construction of the team and control the final output quality of the team.


  1. Bachelor degree or above. Major in industrial design, computer, psychology and other related majors are preferred;

  2. More than 7 years of interactive design work experience in the Internet and software industries, familiar with the related processes of Internet product design, with successful cases;

  3. More than 3 years of user experience research or IT application system, mobile application system user interface design experience.

  4. Able to provide high-quality product prototypes, flowcharts, wireframes, etc., and can clearly express the design plan;

  5. Familiar with various methods of interaction design, and have a deep understanding and understanding of interaction design theory;

  6. Have a deep understanding of the development trend of Internet products and the overall product planning;

  7. Have a keen grasp of user experience and ease of use;

  8. Passionate, proactive, attention to details, strong learning ability.

  9. Good use of English & Cantonese (must), Mandarin will be an advantage

About the Company

APJ Software (HK) Co., Ltd. (APJHK) is a leading software development and consulting company established since 2002 offering high quality business and engineering software solution consultation services, project management services, etc to many well-known companies and organisations such as largest public transportation operator, public utilities companies, leading financial services companies, etc in HK and the region. We also create advance e-business solutions that encompass state-of-the-art hardware and software technology such as mobile apps, websites, etc. to enhance productivity and efficiency of our clients. Our services are supported by a large offshore development centre with workforce over 300+.

To cope with our rapid expansion, we are now inviting high calibre candidates to join our growing team.

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